Story of Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Clear Spray Mist

Infused with Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

I wanted to create a hybrid product. One that combines beauty and tanning.  Most people who use tanning products, use them every few days, especially on the face because the face is the first place the tan starts to fade. Most women use beauty creams at night before they go to bed. If you apply a tanning product, you cannot add any other products on your skin until the spray tan develops. (8 hours). If you spray your face at night which most people would do, you would have to skip your beauty creams etc.. Also, some tanning products can dry the skin. This product was developed so you do not have to skip adding those beauty ingredients to your skin. You can spray tan your face and add all of the beneficial ingredients at the same time. The Hyaluronic Acid also helps keep the tan from fading faster. The moisture in the tan, helps keep the skin from flaking which is how the tan fades.

This product will appeal to people who get a spray tanning service because the face is the first area to fade and this is a great way to touch up a tan. It would also appeal to someone who doesn’t typically want to tan their whole body and may just want to have a healthy glow on their face. It’s easy to use and is used the same way they would apply any other product. It is applied with a very light spray mist, not an aerosol. The benefit of this is that you can control the amount of spray. Just a few light sprays and rub it in evenly with your tanning mitt. After 8 hours, you have a beautiful tan or glow.  It is a clear mist with no artificial coloring, no odor that is not messy. The DHA works with your skin tone and creates a natural looking tan.

Benefits of these beauty boosters:

Resveratrol: is an antioxidant found in red grapes with powerful free radical and sun damage-fighting properties. It works in both protective and rejuvenating ways by blocking dangerous UV light and protecting against free radicals, as well as stimulating collagen production and acting as an anti-inflammatory to promote wound healing. Resveratrol helps anti-aging by scavenging free radicals and preventing the formation of new free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid: A potent moisturizer that creates hydration from within skin cells. This powerful boost helps skin hold hydration and actually plumps cells from within. When used in self-tanner this is incredibly helpful as it keeps skin hydrated and helps the tan to last longer and fade out naturally. 

Vitamin D: New research shows that Vitamin D (often absorbed by the skin by exposure to sunlight) can be delivered to the skin topically. Vitamin D is another powerful fighter of free radicals and contributes to skin softness and youthful looking skin. 

Vitamin C: Well known as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants.  Fights wrinkles and aging - as powerful as a Retinol.

Please feel free to contact joy@brazilbronze if you have any questions or would like to sell this product in your salon or spa. .

About Brazil Bronze Glow Bar

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar was founded in 2002. At this time, spray tanning was virtually unknown to many people. Brazil Bronze was one of the first companies to offer spray tanning and help to make spray tanning the successful business that it is today.

In 2007, Joy Romano joined Brazil Bronze as partner and is now the CEO and Director of Product Development. Joy has helped shape the the Brazil Bronze brand and create new Brazil Bronze spray tan products . Joy is very involved with the day-to -day activity of Brazil Bronze Glow Bar and keeps in close communication with all Brazil Bronze spray tan clients and the salons and spas that offer Brazil Bronze spray tans.

Brazil Bronze is constantly reinventing the art of the spray tan, safety measures and quality of the Brazil Bronze Spray Tan line. Brazil Bronze created the sculpted tan, Cellulite Annihilator tan, Rejuva tan and Anti-Aging tan.

Brazil Bronze is one of the most successful spray tan salons in the country and supply some of the most luxurious salons and spas globally with the highest quality solutions, take home products, equipment and spray tanning certification. We not only a produce spray tanning products. We have tested our products and techniques on many thousands of clients over the last 15 years.

Listening to what our clients want and creating our products around feedback and years of experience makes us stand out from the rest. Many other companies simply saw an opportunity to get into the spray tan business without having any real knowledge of the business.

Brazil Bronze has been praised by the press over the years. Awarded best-of-the-best spray tan category in Allure magazine for 6 consecutive years and called “The Perfect Tan” by Vogue magazine.

In 2011, Brazil Bronze created the spray tan line Tansxl (Tansexual) for Derek Saathoff of A-List NYC reality show. Creating the tanning line was part of Derek's story line in season 2 working along side Brazil Bronze.

In 2016 Brazil Bronze created Glo Pro Global—Luxury Spray Tan Specialists. A small business for people who are looking for an affordable business and want to be under the Brazil Bronze umbrella as a mobile or in salon spray tan technician, spray tan instructor and distributor.

In 2017, Anthony Citrolo joined Brazil Bronze as partner and Director of Global Development. His goal is to further expand the Brazil Bronze brand worldwide.

Brazil Bronze is happy to announce the launch of Brazil Bronze Anti-Aging Spray Tan mist with Kevin Harrington the Original shark from Shark Tank and Mega Entrepreneur.

Spray tan safety is #1 at Brazil Bronze.

Our proprietary spray tan solutions are water based, made with purified water, the highest quality DHA and infused with organic and natural ingredients. Our solutions have been safety tested in the US, EU and South America. All Brazil Bronze spray tan solutions are Free of peanuts, parabens, phthalate, sulfate and are cruelty free, gluten free and vegan.

Quality ingredients are a key factor in the safety of spray tanning solutions. Our products are developed in a grade A pharmaceutical laboratory and all ingredients are non-carcinogenic. Our products have been used on many thousands of clients over the last 15 years with great results.